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Become a Sponsor!
Please see our sponsor form under Documents in the vertical tab column for more information. Thank you for considering a sponsorship for Vernon Youth Football and Cheer.
Maple Grove Club
A very special thank you to the Maple Grove Club of Rockville for their very generous contribution to VYFL. (click on image for link to website)
Tracy Brothers Construction
Special thanks to Tracy Brothers Construction for Snack Shack and Pavilion roof repair.
Vernon Poolman
A special thank you to Vernon Poolman for your donation to VYFL! (click on image for link to website)
Connecticut Valley Othodontics
At Connecticut Valley Orthodontics, our mission is to enhance the quality of life of our patients by creating beautiful smiles that are a reflection of each individual. We are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and customer service in a fun, friendly, open, and caring atmosphere.
Dunkin Donuts
A Special Thanks to Dunkin Donuts in Vernon for donating our scoreboard.