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Volunteers Always Needed in the Snack Shack! 

Please see the volunteer policy under registration/forms section

Please Contact VYFL President, Natalie Price before or after practice, or email her: 

Why we need your support and cooperation.

The Viper's snack shack (as well as other Town's snack shack) serves a vital role in keeping the registration fees low.  It is estimated we would need to increase the registration fees by about $30. per child if the shack were closed which would severly limit the number of children who could participate in our program.  Our goal is, and always has been, to keep our fees as low as we can so that kids can participate.  As a volunteer at the League level I know most of the fees for the other Towns we play and none are as low as Vernon.

The profits from the Viper's shack pay for the referees and EMT during the games, which totals $200. per game or $800. for a full day of games.  On top of that the snack shack also pays for a good portion of the end of the year banquet. 

The volunteers running the shack do so to help all the children in this organization, and they need your support to make it work.  If you know of anyone who can donate food, drinks or time please let us know.

I hope that by understanding how much the shack does for your children that you can support the organization by supporting our snack shack.

Tailgating at away games:

Out of respect for all the Towns we visit, and their right to cover the costs of the day, the CTYFL does not allow tailgating when visiting other Towns. 

Natalie Price
Vernon Youth Football and Cheerleading